Apex Features: tEXT aNALYTICS
Transform your customers' unstructured text data into measurable and actionable insights with Apex's Text Analytics.

Powered by AI, Apex's Text Analytics dissects unstructured text data, providing the insights to confidently and appropriately address the contributing factors necessary to improve CX, enhance brand loyalty, and drive revenue growth.

measurable and actionable insights

How Text Analytics Works

Text Analysis

Apex uses AI to analyze the data captured through surveys or external sources, such as reviews and social media, to identify key themes and topics of discussion. Our technology detects both explicit mentions of specific aspects of your business as well as implied positives or negatives.

Magnitude and Sentiment

The AI then assesses how prominently each theme features in customer feedback (magnitude) and whether the sentiment around each theme is positive, negative or neutral. This provides an understanding of what's being discussed and how significant and impactful each discussion point is.

Attribute Mapping

Finally, we map the identified themes onto the specific Apex attributes identified as most critical to driving customer loyalty. This connects the dots between what customers are saying and what's most important to your business, allowing you to focus your efforts where they'll have the most significant impact.

prioritize the on-the-ground activities

How Text Analytics Impacts Business Strategy

Unlike most text analysis, which only indicate themes without context, Apex aligns customer feedback with our quantitative attribution modeling, making it easy to answer such questions as:

Is this essential to creating the most desired customer experience?

Will prioritizing this area contribute to my broader CX strategy?

How much time and resources should I invest to address this issue?

Are these a few isolated problems, or does this indicate a deeper issue?

What Apex Users Have to Say

"We can't get this type of customer insight from anywhere else. We have numbers and tracking on the performance side, but getting deep into understanding the behaviors of the customers is really important for us to be successful in this new venture that we're going on”

Rich Elliott
Head of Marketing,
Marble Financial Inc.
CX and Brand Leaders

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