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An Apex client reviewing their customer's data.

Get the confidence and the roadmap to be a better steward of your clients' customers.

Streamline your project approval, significantly increase your probability of campaign success, and boost your project sell-through rate with our in-depth audience insights.

Build a data-based strategy
Bring your clients into market with more confidence by getting clear answers to the right questions. Understand your clients’ goals through the lens of their most important audiences, and craft plans that align perfectly.
No more guesswork
When you know what will motivate your audience into action, it’s a lot easier to do the right things. Apex helps move you past gut instinct and into a deep understanding of what will work, and what won’t.

Move at market speed
Where most market research can take weeks or months to produce results, Apex can give you insights in a matter of hours. There’s no excuse to not have audience-based insights inform your brainstorming.
Measure in-market
It can be tricky to measure the effectiveness of a campaign once its been launched – until now. Apex will help you develop and measure a whole new set of KPIs that you can track while your campaign is in midflight, giving you space to iterate in real time.
Data everyone gets
Apex is designed to be easy to understand and act on, so you can continue to use it without consultation or expensive retainers. This is your data and your tool.
“The Apex Score gives you the confidence and the roadmap to just be a better steward of your clients' customers. You're dealing more in finite truths rooted in science than you are a gut feeling. We've seen close to 50% improvements and sell through using this methodology as a central part of our offering and as a central part of what differentiates Cult from any other organization."
Greg Damus
Chief Strategy Officer, Cult Collective

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