Unlock the inner workings of your employees' emotions and uncover what they seek most in their relationship with your organization with Apex for Employee Experience (EX).

Employing the same proprietary methodology used for CX, Apex for EX pairs simple surveys with AI analysis to unlock the inner workings of your employees' emotions. It provides rarely tapped-into insight into why and how your relationship with employees drives your customers' desires.

create a loyal customer base from an engaged, loyal workforce

Why Employee Experience (EX) Matters

Increased Profits

Companies with highly engaged employees report 20% higher sales (Gallup). Companies that actively engage employees have customer loyalty rates 233% higher than those that don’t (Aberdeen Group)

Superior CX

Companies with a majority of engaged employees (79%) work at companies with “significantly above average CX”. This compared with far fewer engaged employees (49%) working at companies with “below average” CX (Qualtrics).

Ensure alignment between culture building and the brand promise

How Exployee Experience Impacts Business Strategy

When deployed in tandem with a customer study, Apex for EX helps you:

Discover the powerful connection between CX and EX, unlocking a fresh perspective on boosting satisfaction and success.

Discover the hidden strengths that exist within your employees to conquer customer concerns and elevate your success.

Break down silos in the organization and open up communication channels between marketing and HR/People Teams.

When deployed on its own, Apex for EX helps you:

Pinpoint potential trouble spots and taking action before they escalate into significant concerns like high turnover, employee dissatisfaction, or talent scarcity.

Discover the secret sauce behind why your brand is adored, harness its power to boost employee enthusiasm, and unlock cutting-edge recruitment tactics to thrive.

What Apex Users Have to Say

"Apex gave us the insights and direction we needed to truly deliver on our goal to become more employee-centric. Their unique perspective has been very welcomed.”

Brand Director
Leading Hospitality and Lodging Group
CX and Brand Leaders

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